Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. We at First United have deep respect for the covenant of marriage as an expression of our deep human desire to live in committed loving relationships. Rev. Jenny Carter is happy to talk to couples planning their weddings, and would welcome a phone call. Call the office (250.832.3860) and speak with Joanne and she will share with you any information you will need or can connect you with Jenny. If you like you can read our Wedding Booklet or our formal policy on marriages and blessings. Being an “Affirming Congregation” we are happy to celebrate marriages of same gender couples.


Life is a gift, and at the end of life, though tears and grief persist, it is important to gather and give thanks for the gift of a life. We gather, we remember, we give thanks, and we lean on each other to remind us that nothing, not even death is able to separate us from the love of God.

First United is a community marked by compassion and seeks to offer love and support to all who grieve. You are welcome to call the church office (250.832.3860) and talk to our minister about how you might prepare a funeral or memorial service for your loved one.


Baptism at First United is a celebration of the blessing of God that rests upon every person. Blessed from birth, each person is a gift. Whether baptized as a child or an adult, the original blessing is remembered and celebrated.

Baptism is also our way of voicing our commitment to people of all ages to be community for each other. At baptism we commit ourselves to live together as Christian community. If you would like to pursue baptism within the community of First United, call the church office and arrange to talk to our minister.