Musically, this is a lively church. Music ranges from traditional hymns (often with an upbeat rhythm behind them) along with contemporary hymns and songs. Many of these use African or Latin rhythms. There’s something for everyone (well, not too much punk rock).

We have a gifted Music Director in the person of Jean MacLennan who has guided, stretched and inspired our choir for more than two decades. We don’t sing just for Sunday mornings – we sing to have fun and to feel the Spirit moving in ourselves. New members are always welcome. Be prepared, though, because the tenors tend to make bad jokes.

We are also blessed with the musical talents of our accompanist, Laurie Shea. Laurie plays for our regular services, our Wednesday Evening Worship (second and fourth Wednesdays), and leads a small group of singers who gather to explore music in a session called, “Let’s Sing!”

We have two regular percussionists (Kathie Aitken and Kim MacMillan) who play African djembe drums and other rhythm instruments. Other musicians join in on occasion.

First also enjoys musical gifts from many other congregation and community members.