Worship with Us

Weekly worship (10:30 Sunday morning) is one of the ways we seek to celebrate the life God has given us. We sing, we pray, we open to God’s presence. We value a deep connection with the traditions of the faith while, at the same time, finding contemporary ways to connect with God and celebrate Spirit. We are continually transformed as we worship together.

Children and youth are warmly welcome in our services and we work hard to make everyone feel a part of the experience. We know that babies and young children aren’t always quiet and they’re welcome anyway. If the noise level does get out of hand, there is a play room with a speaker behind one way glass that allows you to be with your child and still hear and participate in the service.

There is usually a congregational story time (the Word for All Ages) each Sunday aimed at the younger folk (and enjoyed by all) who then leave for Our Place, which is what we call our children’s church experience. If Communion is being served that Sunday (normally the first Sunday of each month) then the children return to participate in this central sacrament of our life together. Jesus practiced a radical inclusiveness in inviting every kind of person to share at his table, and therefor all present are invited to the communion table at First United, regardless of your beliefs or practices. Communion is not for those who are deemed “worthy”, it is for everyone.

A Worship Committee guides the worship life of our church, and we’re noted for our vibrant music program and evolving approach to Christianity. Sermons are posted on this website as soon as possible, sometimes in audio format as well as print.

We typically (but not always) use the list of Bible readings known as the Common Lectionary as the basis for our services and sermons. If you’d like to know ahead of time what readings are coming up click here.

First Time Visitors (what to expect)


Wednesday Evening Service

First United offers a Wednesday Evening Worship as a time to refresh our spirits at the end of the day. About half an hour in these services  meet the needs of those  who are spiritually fed by a quieter, more reflective worship experience.

We meet in the sanctuary on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 6:30 p.m., and following a service of music, prayer, scripture and reflection. If you like you are welcome to slip out quietly at the end without speaking to anyone, or you may choose to gather with others in the hall for fellowship and dessert. Check the calendar for exact dates.

Sunday morning worship is wonderful, but for some it may not be the right time, and for others it may not be enough.  For some, Sunday only worship can feel separate from our regular daily lives; and the more infrequent it is the more separate it can seem.  In an intentional Christian community, where members share their lives, worship is often daily; not lengthy and not even special, just so regular and natural it is woven seamlessly into the daily lives of the members of the community.   For a worshipful people, worship is as natural as breathing.

Twice a month evening worship and fellowship is not the same as daily worship – but perhaps it’s a small step in the right direction.  If you are interested in a quiet mid week worship experience, please join us in the Sanctuary.