At First United we believe that all those who follow Christ are called to a ministry of some kind and that one of the tasks of discipleship is to discern what that call is. It is not determined by the church or anyone else, though the community can definitely help in that discernment.

Some of those ministries involve providing programs of different kinds to church and community members. Below is a partial list of clusters of programs currently offered at First United. Click on a category to learn more. Most or all of the programs have a contact person to provide more information is you should seek it. If one is not named then contact the church office and they will help.

Available Programs & Ministries


We’re committed to equipping adults with authentic, challenging education about Christ, His church, and His teachings. Men’s Ministry is dedicated to providing men with pathways for spiritual growth through Christian fellowship, effective discipleship, and mission outreach. Our Women’s Ministry seeks to evangelize, encourage and equip women in their personal walk with Jesus Christ through Christian fellowship, learning and service.


Our mission is to build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious students are becoming deeply committed Christians. We accomplish this mission by equipping parents, adults and staff, as well as offering contemporary programs to lead students into a deeply committed faith.

Children & Youth

Children’s Ministries mentors children from birth to know, love and follow Jesus Christ, and to help their families become deeply committed Christians.

Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms