First United Church is part of the United Church of Canada.  As such we are members of, and subject to the oversight of, the Kamloops Okanagan Presbytery, the British Columbia Conference and the General Council of the United Church of Canada. The governance of our denomination is contained in The Manual (2010) which you can order or download from

Our Board

Our Board, of eight to twelve members, is elected by the congregation, not on the basis of representing a committee but because its members are believed collectively to have the gifts to capture a vision of the future, to discern where God is leading us at this time. Thus the Board is concerned with ends, outcomes and goals.  It generally concerns itself less with the day to day management of the church or the means by which the ends are achieved.

The Board governs primarily through the use of policies which guide and sometimes limit the authority of each Ministry Team. Click here for a list of all our current policies.

Our Ministry Teams

At First United, committees and other working groups are referred to as Ministry Teams, reflecting our belief that all Christians are called to their own unique ministries. We like the word team because it implies that something is to be accomplished (think hockey team) whereas the word committee for many people connotes meetings. 

Some of these teams serve within the church (such as serving on one of the “committees” below) while others are exercised outside of the church (such as volunteering at the Second Harvest food bank). Many ministries just happen by themselves, when one or more people feel called to do something. We encourage this!

Click here for a list of all current Ministry Teams with contact information.