We use the term Stewardship to reflect the ancient understanding that all that we have is a gift from God – that we are not owners but stewards of our time, talent and possessions. The team of individuals who support our congregation to be stewards is called The Community Builders Team (CBT). They help us to care for and use our time, our abilities and our financial resources wisely and understand that is a spiritual practice.

The mission of the Community Builders Team is:

The Community Builders Team (formerly called Stewardship) seeks to strengthen this community of faith by encouraging participants/members to actively engage, and tangibly support, the work and life of this faith community, as well as the philanthropic pursuits of the national church and its “Mission and Service” work.

We build on and around the mission statement:
Alive in the Spirit, Active in the World, A Place to Belong

The committee does not force, coerce or pressure people to contribute.  It also does not engage in fundraising practices, such as gambling, which the United Church has traditionally spoken against.

Generosity is part of a healthy spiritual life. This team’s work is to educate and encourage the stewardship of all that God has given us.

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