Prayer Circle

Many people in our congregation pray for individuals, groups, and situations. The “Prayer Circle” is simply a small group of people which receives requests for prayer (via email, telephone or in person). We rarely meet, but keep in touch and pray in our own place, at our own time.

If you are interested in joining us, talk to any of our members:

  • Dale Johnston (Convener)  832-3733
  • Shirley Ehlers  832-1949
  • Joanne Koster 832 7410
  • Dale Johnston  832-34023
  • Karen Marr  832-2005
  • James Bowlby  832-8383
  • Ann Marie Maides  804-0367
  • Helen Ross 833-1383

You can also convey prayer requests through our minister, Lynn (send email), or through Sharon in the office (250 832-3860).