Each United Church is required to have a Ministry and Personnel Committee to manage the relationship between the paid staff and the congregation. First United has defined the mission (i.e. the “ends”) of this committee this way:

There is a happy, effective, well-supported staff team actively achieving the church’s mission, and there is an open, two-way, healthy relationship between the staff team and the congregation.

The M and P Committee is a confidential body, appointed by the Church Board, in which staff members can deal with sensitive matters. The accountability of staff is to the Church Board but it is exercised through the M and P Committee. The Committee has limited power to make decisions but makes recommendations to the Board for action.

The committee:

  • Reviews the effectiveness of staff in achieving the church’s mission
  • Reviews working conditions, job descriptions, and remuneration on a regular basis
  • Negotiates study, vacation and other leave with staff members
  • Monitors and seeks to keep a healthy and open relationship among staff members and between the staff team and the congregation
  • Deals with concerns or complaints about staff members


If a member (or non-member) of the congregation has a concern or complaint about a staff member the thing to do first is to speak to that staff member. If you feel that is not possible or that it has not brought resolution then the next thing is to speak or write to a member of the M and P Committee. Anonymous complaints are not considered since it is not possible to have follow-up dialogue or work out solutions with anonymous persons.

The present members of the M and P Committee are:

  • Carol McAndrew
  • Chuck Cameron
  • Al Christie
  • Carol Petrie

You may contact the committee by email or you can call the church office for phone numbers and other contact information.