Finance Team

If the mission of the Finance Team is fulfilled then:

The financial assets of the congregation, both current and long term, are prudently invested and well managed according to generally accepted accounting practices.

Thus this ministry group is responsible for the care of congregational assets. There are a variety of funds to administer and there are rules (both in civil law and in church law) as to what funds may be used for and how they are to be managed.  Some of these funds are as follows:

  • Building Fund for building improvements, renovations or new projects
  • Memorial Fund consisting of donations made in memory of loved ones
  • Other funds that are created as they are needed

We have a treasurer (or sometimes treasurers when two or more people share the job) who handles the day-to-day bookkeeping and the preparation of financial reports. The Finance Committee oversees the work of the treasurer. The Finance Team is guided by the Financial Handbook for Congregations.

Every United Church congregation also has a Board of Trustees which holds title to all assets in trust for the congregation and for the United Church of Canada. The Trustees have some specific responsibilities as well for ensuring the protection of assets and their appropriate use.  The Trustees are elected by the congregation and receive direction from the Church Board. They are guided by the Congregational Board of Trustees Handbook.

Contact the Chair of the Finance Ministry Team. Communications to any of our treasurers (the job is split among three people) should also go through the chair. For a contact list for all Ministry Teams click here.