Contact Information

For more information or to leave a message for a ministry with no contact phone number,
please call our office at 250-832-3860.

Church Board Dhane Merriman  250-804-8501
Finance Committee Karen Fetterly 250-804-7328
Treasurer Dave Wood 250.832.3549
Ministry and Personnel Carol McAndrew 250.832.3313
First News Joanne Koster 250.832.3860
Pastoral Care Gloria Christian 250.832.0035
Prayer Circle Dale Johnston 250.832.3402
Property Frank Flavelle 250.832.6098
Community Builders Team Debbie Hewitt 250.804.2962
Thrift Store (Churches of S.A.) Kay Braby 250.832.9114
UCW Ruth Hay 250.832.6213
Worship Norma Fraser 250.833.4552
Kairos (Social Justice) Anne Morris 250.833.5773
Men’s Club Darryl Auten 250.832.5005