A Church That Serves

The links below take you to three different parts of our history. Click on them if you’d like to know more about where we came from.

Our Church History

This is a charming and somewhat lengthy history going back to the first saddle bag ministries at the turn of the last century. It was written in 1965 by Vera Laetinen, a long time Salmon Arm resident and member of this congregation, now passed away. It has been updated by others to bring us to the present. Vera has included amusing details and anecdotes which give a feeling for what church life was like in the early days.

The Dedication of the Christian Education Building

This shorter piece by historian Les Ellenor, is a detailed account of the dedication of the Christian Education Building (the present church hall) in 1961.

The Building of the New Sanctuary

When the Christian Education Building was constructed in 1961 it was expected that an attached sanctuary would be built within a few years. But it took until 1987 for it to be built after a new group of leaders caught the vision and brought it to fruition. Joanne Leatherdale was one of those visionaries. She chaired the Building Committee and is the authour of this brief history.