The Sanctuary

The heart of any church is the sanctuary. Ours seats about 320 people if you include the balcony. Most agree that it is a very beautiful space with raked pews at a slight angle to one another. There is an excellent sound system mixed from a station on the balcony. In addition there is a permanently installed digital projector and screen and recording capabilities. A fine Yamaha grand piano and an excellent electronic organ provide the lion’s share of accompaniment.

A “crying room” is available just off the sanctuary. One way glass and and an adjustable speaker allow you to comfort or play with your child while being able to hear and see what is going on. However, we expect a certain amount of sound from healthy children and you don’t need to rush off to the crying room at the first sound.

We are happy to share the sanctuary with others for concerts and community events. Of course, being a sacred space to us, not every event will be suitable for the sanctuary. If you’re not sure, just ask.

The Hall

The church hall served as the sanctuary from 1960 to 1988 when the new sanctuary was built. It is a pleasant and serviceable room that can seat about 200 in a pinch with moveable seating. There is a small stage at one end and the well equipped kitchen is at the other end. Painted on the floor is a labyrinth, an ancient device to provide a kind of “walking meditation”.

More on the labyrinth

Upstairs Rooms

The older section of the church, containing the kitchen and hall, is on two floors. The upper floor has a variety of rooms for meeting and for children’s programs.

The lounge is a pleasant space with sofas and love seats for more informal and comfortable meetings. There is a small counter area in the room and a small kitchen across the hall. This kitchen area is also used for small meetings of up to about eight people.

The Mount Ida Room is the largest of the upstairs spaces and has a curtain which can divide the room into two equal sections. The north section is most often used for meetings and study groups while the south section is the main meeting space for Children’s Church. A variety of smaller program rooms run along two walls of the church, the funkiest one belonging to the youth programs.

Unfortunately, the upper floor is not entirely accessible yet for wheelchairs and other physical handicaps. At present there are two short sets of steps to access it from Fourth Street. The inside set of steps has a chair lift installed. We have approved the reconstruction of the fourth street entrance to make it fully accessible but have not yet managed to get funding in place.